Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you can't change the fruit without changing the root

dear blog,

i just received the best gift i have ever been given
it was from my girlfriend stacy
tears swelled in my eyes and i am so happy

i will share later what it is..
for now, i will share my dreams

dream #1
kristy, my sister, and i were shopping
i was shopping for sunglasses in this higher end outdoor shopping mall
i walked through the store and saw leather bracelets and thought josh needed them
i looked at watches through the glass, the lady tried to help me
but they didnt have what i wanted to kristy and i started running to the next store
but she got distracted in the courtyard where several restaurants joined together
people were walking around drinking and i called for her to come with me
but she kept talking to people
then my friend, buhler, walked by in a soccer uniform and socks and said, "sup des"
and i said, "whats up"
and then he kept walking
then all the sudden we were late because i had to go to the airport
so i started running and calling for my sister to follow
and i ran half way across the street when i turned to make sure kristy was following
but she wasnt so i stopped in the middle of the road
and cars started speeding around me, going in every direction
i could feel the wind, they almost hit me
then bombs started going off
and i woke up

dream #2
much more vague
i really loved this one though
i dreamt that i got a box delivered
inside this box was EVERYTHING i have ever lost, or have looked for
the box was neverending, literally
it was like a black hole, like santas sack of gifts
i found missing socks and all my earrings that i only have one of currently
i found things i didn't even realize i had lost
it was the BEST feeling ever to have all these things again

and i find this symbolic
or maybe i am crazy

it's time for me to go dream again,
see ya

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