Friday, December 14, 2012


My heart is full of thankfulness and gratitude
I feel so blessed.
I photographed a sweet wedding today and several kind people came up to me and complimented me as a photographer.
I dont imagine they knew how very much that meant to me.
My heart is humbled.
It is soo very rewarding to receive a compliment on something im so passionate about and put so much energy and focus into.
Bless those kind people for saying those words.
I am so so so lucky to do something i love, and to have the mind and eye and skill and equipment to be able to do so. Im also thankful for people like my mom and lucy and paul (and several others!) who have supported me when ive doubted myself.

One time, many years ago, i was photographing a surprise party. I didnt know anyone at the party. And my flash didnt fire when the birthday girl walked through the door.
The one shot i was paid to get.
I missed.
I tried not to panic or get upset. There was nothing i could do at that point.
But it wore on me and i locked myself in the bathroom.
I texted my mom and told her i wasnt cut out for this. That i messed up and it was terrible. I had tears in my eyes.
I got a text back from my sweet little sister saying not to give up, that im a good photographer and i have all the knowledge and skills to be successful as a photographer.

Those were such sweet words. So many times i have reflected on that text and it has kept me going. Im so grateful for this love and encouragement.

I am blessed by a God that is so generous to me. I hope to never take those blessings for granted.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fact: ive been a terrible blogger. And that is about to change!

Fact: i have been a terrible blogger because i now have an iphone.

Fact: this holiday season has been lovely and not all that stressful because i did my present purchasing early this year:)

Fact: i might gain 10lbs in caramels this year

Fact: i love holiday music

Fact: this season is so great because we can feel the Holy Ghost more. Thats what makes it happy and peaceful. We are with our family and we are remembering our Savior and we are being charitable and loving.
This is the gospel. And everyone loves it this time of year, they just dont realize what it is.

:) my holiday season so far in photos:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

your health tip of the day.


You are in charge of your body.

        life style choices that can lower your BLOOD PRESSURE:
-loose excess weight : for every 20 lbs you lose, you decrease your systolic bp by 5-20 mm Hg
-eat a low fat diet : low fat and rich in veggies & fruits, low fat diary products
-exercise daily : you don't have to run a marathon, just commit to 30 minutes daily of moving!
-limit sodium : consume no more than 2,400 mg a day (1500mg if you already have high blood pressure!)
-limit alcohol : or don't drink it at all! no more than 1 drink a day is recommended

Monday, October 29, 2012

i have mint nails today.


i began teaching today.  
and it felt good.
i feel so excited about it and it seems like the perfect fit for me.
i really loved my education and the knowledge i gained, so it is a blessing to be able to teach that to others as well.
i have a skeleton in my class room. i love it because so much of my learning took place with cadavers and skeletons.  strange, but it feels like home.

i strongly feel that i was drawn to and got this position for a specific reason.  i feel lucky to be where i am right now.

i feel blessed for my time i have been able to do photography the past couple months, and for those rad clients. 
im surrounded by amazing people.

i feel that a lot of changes have come with this new season.
and it makes me happy.
and it makes me excited.
and i think amazing things are in store.
i have set new fall goals and im on my way to achieving them!
go team go!

has been absolutely wonderful the past couple weeks.
i woke up today realizing that i, somehow, have fallen more and more in love with this man every day.  its been nearly 9 months (!) and its the best its ever been.  i feel grateful to have him as my best friend.

happy monday, folks.
smile cause its sunshiney here!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

she. leaves.

my best friend. and her man. and her sister.

utah in the fall is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
this week, i began a new job.  teaching.
teaching a variety of exercise science classes in a very fast, condensed personal training program.
its intimidating and very awesome.
im stoked about it.

i feel very blessed. just when i think God has forgotten about me.
i get on my knees in prayer and he reminds me how much he cares about little ol me.
i am grateful for all i have been blessed with.
i am grateful for all that is expected of me, because it helps me to grow.

i recently heard:

the grass isnt greener on the other side,
its greener where you water it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Fall. Lucy has moved. and i am sad.

The prophet said, "women need to be told that they are beautiful."  people need to feel valued.  in all forms of relationships, this is a powerful thing.  inspiring people, building their confidence, and believing in them can have a HUGE impact on those that you love.

i feel very lucky to have the experiences i have. 
i feel like im being molded into the woman i need to be.
i feel very grateful that God knows me and blesses me.
i am thankful for growth and change.  the new season is refreshing.

i love the following quote from him in his message from priesthood:
"People can change!...
We have the responsibility to look at our friends, our associates, our neighbors this way. Again, we have the responsibility to see individuals not as they are but rather as they can become. I would plead with you to think of them in this way."   the Prophet on the Earth today : President Monson

Friday, October 12, 2012

weight loss tip of the day!

increase the fiber in your diet!!

if you want to loose weight, focus on a high protein (lean protein…for another post..) and a high fiber diet!!

why?  reduce cholesterol, risk of colon cancer and heart disease!
it will help you feel full longer!

what foods to focus on each day?
-split peas
-black beans
-lima beans
-navy beans
-sweet corn
-sweet potato

how much?  women need 25 g of fiber a day, men need 40 g of fiber a day

try to get your fiber from these raw foods and not from an over processed, chemical rich fiber bar or cereal.  go and do! find ways to enjoy these yummy fiber rich foods!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

i hate pretending to be happy
when im not.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


this photo. of this girl. with her blank stares at me. just made. my day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

consider yourself worthy

as i was cleaning out an old back pack today,
i stumbled upon some old notebooks and lists ive made
i found a list of goals in 2008

i almost cried
i was proud to have accomplished everything on that list except
-go to seattle
-learn italian

i then found a paper that had notes that a priesthood leader once gave me.
it had his testimony on it.
it had a list of things i should DO to become the woman i need to be.
it had ideas on how to live worthy to be in the temple.

today i cried reading that list.
"make sure your schedule is not so busy
you cant do the important things.

consider yourself worthy 
of a valiant man 
and choose that valiant man."  2008

 this makes my heart ache.

some people are so very inspired.  they serve me like Christ would. they help me in ways they dont even know.   i weep out of gratitude to them and our God.

this makes me feel Heavenly Father's love and mindfulness of me.
flawed, rebellious, continuously imperfect me.
so many times i dont feel worthy
i dont feel of worth
i feel like my mistakes leave me used and tainted and too imperfect to love
often ive felt no man of God could really love me
and when i whole heartedly believe this
he tells me, Desiree this isn't true,  this is satan.

i haven't felt worthy of a valiant man.
i want it. i want to.

i know that i have endured enough grief and pain. i know that i have changed my life completely and in ways i didn't feel i had the knowledge or strength to do.  especially at the time that advice was given to me.  i was more alone at that time than any other in my life.

i was at rock bottom.
i was by myself.
and i could have gone in so many directions.
i fell to my knees.
i cried.
i hurt and i found myself praying.
with an empty heart,
i earnestly pleaded for help to be forgiven 
and have the power to forgive myself
i had nothing left.
i had no where to go.
i had absolutely no idea what the future held for me.

but as i kept my vision on Jesus Christ,  as cheesy as it may sound,
i felt lighter each day
his Spirit began to reside with me
and dwell within me
i sought after help from priesthood leaders when i wasn't sure how to be happy again
i followed their guidance as men of God
i did everything i could to invite the Spirit back into my life

and it took time.

my heart burns and my tears are warm.
i will forever know that God can help you change yourself.
i am indebted to him for his warmth and love when i didn't deserve it.
im forever grateful for the strength and inspiration i received on how to change myself.
i love Jesus Christ for being with me when I was alone.

God lives.
I can not deny it.
He is the reason why I am happy today.
He is the reason why I was able to change myself.
and He is the reason why I love myself now.

im thankful today, that i was reminded how much i have changed.
of how living the simple and important things each day make a huge difference over the years.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Does it trouble your mind
Like you trouble mine

Rough skies

And this is how i feel today

Monday, September 24, 2012

i am mormon.

actually, the appropriate name is Latter-day Saint.
and here are a couple of things that i believe.

i believe in improving yourself.   in being a better person than you use to be.
i believe in God as our Eternal Father, and the father of our brother, Jesus Christ
i believe that Heavenly Father (God), Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate entities that work together for the same purpose.  they never contradict the other.
i believe that God loves me, Desiree Nicole Kunis. and all of you.
i believe that Jesus Christ walked this earth.  that he grew and progressed, like you and me, and performed miracles unlike any other being.
i believe that He established HIS church on the earth to make our lives happier.  to give us a way, a path to follow, that will lead us back to Him and Heavenly Father when we die.
i believe that He suffered the pain of all the people on the earth and died upon the cross as a sacrifice for you and me.  He did so, out of love and duty, to give us the chance to be able to become whole again.
i believe that as you and i make mistakes in this life, we can repent through this holy atonement that Christ has endured for us.
i believe that repentance means to become aware of ways you have been imperfect, to decide to make a change, to truly feel sorrow for committing the sin, seeking forgiveness through prayer and proper apologies to hurt parties, and staying committed to not repeating the sin.
i believe that Christ can help you do this, no matter how difficult the task, if you will but only pray unto him for the strength and guidance.
i believe that the Holy Ghost is available for every being to feel.  I believe that it is a spirit that can dwell with in you.  It may feel like different things, but for me it feels like warmth, peace, and the deepest happiness I have ever felt.
i believe that the Holy Ghost can be felt through reading these words and acting upon them.
i believe that God communicates with us through this Holy Ghost.
i believe that the Book of Mormon is a true book.
i believe that it was written by men, chosen by God, to document their testimonies, experiences, ancestry, and most importantly to tell who Jesus Christ is.
i believe that the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the Holy Bible, so long as it is interpreted correctly.
i believe that the Book of Mormon will bring you more happiness in your life, if you will read it.
i believe that you have a special role on the earth.
i believe that it is your duty and quest to find what that is.
i believe that God gave you and i talents and skills, not for our enjoyment, but to be used to bless others' lives.
i believe that God intends for us to be happy. that is why he gave us a plan--a way to do so.
i believe that THAT plan is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
i believe that before we were born, we lived with Heavenly Father as spirits.  we were with our families there. and we chose to come to earth.
i believe that we chose to come to earth to gain physical bodies, to progress, to be given the choice of happiness, and to find our way back to Heavenly Father again.
i believe that we were given our very specific families for a reason. to help us become who we need to be.  to serve and love one another, and to guide each other through this life.
i believe that families are the center of our happiness and His plan for us.
i believe that only when we are sealed to our spouse in the Temple of God, are we bound to one another for eternity-not to end when we die.
i believe that your family can be with you again after you die.
i believe that you can still have your children and wife/husband with you and continue in happiness, here after.
i believe in a life where you are not controlled by anything else.   not by a substance, someone else, money, or material things.
i believe in a life of good health.
i believe in a life where people speak kindly to one another, laughter is shared, and love is expressed.
i believe that many churches hold some good and true doctrine.
i believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that holds the Priesthood (the authority and power of God).

i believe that it is the one true church upon the whole earth that has ALL of the truths.

i believe that satan is real.
i believe that many people have let him have control over them.
i believe that he tries his hardest to have you forget the truths which i have stated above.
i believe that he tries to have you forget that you ARE A CHILD OF GOD.
i believe that he tries to have you forget that you can have control over yourself.
i believe that loving all people despite their race, sexual orientation, religion, and choices is Christ-like.
and i believe in being Christ-like.

there was a time when i did not know these things.
i didn't know much about any religion for most of my life.
i am not perfect.
i was not told to believe these things.
i have only recited these things from my heart.
i know that it is not easy in the least bit to make sacrifices for faith.
i know that it is hard to give up sex and alcohol and addictions and immodesty and stubbornness.
but it is worth it.
it is sooo worth it.
to try, to try everyday.

i love the ways i have changed since i have learned about the gospel and committed myself to try it, to practice it.
i love the missionaries who taught me.
i love myself more because of it.
there is nothing in this world that can have a more positive impact than to learn about this gospel.

carly & tait.

 there are somethings that are just true.

the photos of tait dancing with carly on their wedding day made me cry today.
just real love.
this is unique.
their wedding was so incredibly fun and light and easy! it was a gorgeous day to be a part of.
for that, i am thankful.