Monday, October 29, 2012

i have mint nails today.


i began teaching today.  
and it felt good.
i feel so excited about it and it seems like the perfect fit for me.
i really loved my education and the knowledge i gained, so it is a blessing to be able to teach that to others as well.
i have a skeleton in my class room. i love it because so much of my learning took place with cadavers and skeletons.  strange, but it feels like home.

i strongly feel that i was drawn to and got this position for a specific reason.  i feel lucky to be where i am right now.

i feel blessed for my time i have been able to do photography the past couple months, and for those rad clients. 
im surrounded by amazing people.

i feel that a lot of changes have come with this new season.
and it makes me happy.
and it makes me excited.
and i think amazing things are in store.
i have set new fall goals and im on my way to achieving them!
go team go!

has been absolutely wonderful the past couple weeks.
i woke up today realizing that i, somehow, have fallen more and more in love with this man every day.  its been nearly 9 months (!) and its the best its ever been.  i feel grateful to have him as my best friend.

happy monday, folks.
smile cause its sunshiney here!

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victoria armendariz said...

What are you teaching? :)
It's awesome that you love what you do, many people don't do that.