Saturday, July 28, 2012


vacation was great.
and i DID have to cook dinner! wa wa waaaaaaaa

i love my family dearly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


we leave on a plane. headed toward the ocean tomorrow.
i can't wait to see my family.
i can't wait to not think about work or cooking dinner.
life is so good still.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

my sweet

he is sleeping, twitching and breathing annoyingly out his mouth.
and ive never been so in love.  i have been afraid to admit it.  afraid to write about it. afraid to tell him.
because i don't want it to be like anything i've experienced before.

things i adore about paul:
-he always says thank you and expresses appreciation (i never realized how amazing this is!)
-he is willing to get up and get me things or will do anything to help me have a better day
-he makes me laugh all the time
-his humble moments
-how i never find myself wishing he would do something/say something/be something else…i love how satisfied i am with him
-open conversations
-his freckled skin
-when he stays with me in the store instead of us splitting into the respective mens/womens
-how ridiculously handsome he is when he sleeps

and so much more
my list keeps growing
i really am the luckiest woman alive.  i can't believe its real.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

the thing about the thing

ideas i don't want to forget:

.write my babies letters when they're born & every year on their birthday.  give to them at year 18.
.sit next to husband on the pew and let babies find spots on either side. i want to still be near him.
.birthday plate-hand paint special plate for the bday person to eat off of only on their birthday
.frame my babies drawings/paintings/photographs
.mural wall in my house—repaint this wall often with different things. maybe the kids can paint it?
.frame our personal vows to one another—his on my side of the bed, mine on his
.have someone write notes as our sealer speaks to us in the temple  
.always remember to say thank you to husband
.read patriarchal blessing once a month [at least]
.keep hand-sewing xmas stockings for the family and our nieces/nephews
.green dinner on st pattys
.make a new photobook for each year
.let my babies make choices
.begin family home evening even as newlyweds
.teach kids the missionary lessons before they choose to be baptized

i use to feel like i was floating around waiting for something good to happen (babies. house. the jackpot.).  and for the first time in years—i don't want time to go any faster.  i've found satisfaction in my spot here on earth.  i love what i do, despite my inconsistent pay check, and i have my head on straight.  paul is my favorite thing. and i am so lucky for my time spent with him.  i have been blessed.

life is so good.
provo is a fun place for the 4th.
the firework show here was so loud and powerful that all the car alarms went off in the parking lot.
stadium of fire knows whats up.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

i think about food 68% of the day

last month was the best month ive ever had in my personal training sales.

my days are consumed with the following:
little sleep then naps
early morning clients
coming up with fun/challenging workouts
talking to clients about their weekends, their stress, their dating life
trying to eat healthy on the run
drinking lots of water
peeing a lot
trying not to feel guilt for not fitting a workout in
watching master chef with paul
15 minutes of scripture reading
phone calls to mum

4th of july is so much fun here in provo.  i was tired though and took zero photos.

i'm looking for balance in july and productivity!  there is a lot to do with moving in august and vacations.   time to play!