Tuesday, June 26, 2012

grammie stopped by my town.

the other day i thought about how really amazing it is that we even know who Jesus Christ is.
that was sooo long ago that you think he/his mission/his gospel would be soooo lost by now, that we would have no clue who he was.

it is God's plan and work that we still know who he is today.  it is the obedience and righteousness of faithful prophets that have taught and carried on His gospel and scriptures.  It is restored with all the power of the priesthood (the power of God) that Jesus Christ held, through Joseph Smith in our day.  I think it is amazing that we have the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon.  SO amazing that we may know who he is and have a relationship with him today.

I know he did what the scriptures says he did.  I know he has the power to heal, comfort, forgive, and strengthen us.  I am grateful to know him.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

create you

" Just stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder wondering, doubting, fearing, hurting, hoping for some easy way out, struggling, grasping,…Stop it and just DO!…
Don’t worry about cool, make your own uncool. Make your own, your own world. If you fear, make it work for you – draw & paint your fear and anxiety…
You must practice being stupid, dumb, unthinking, empty. Then you will be able to DO!…
Try to do some BAD work – the worst you can think of and see what happens but mainly relax and let everything go to hell – you are not responsible for the world – you are only responsible for your work – so DO IT. And don’t think that your work has to conform to any preconceived form, idea or flavor. It can be anything you want it to be…
I know that you (or anyone) can only work so much and the rest of the time you are left with your thoughts. But when you work or before your work you have to empty you [sic] mind and concentrate on what you are doing. After you do something it is done and that’s that. After a while you can see some are better than others but also you can see what direction you are going. I’m sure you know all that. You also must know that you don’t have to justify your work – not even to yourself. "
excerpted from a letter from Sol Lewitt to Eva Hesse

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


' do fewer things with excellence rather than many with mediocrity. ' -covey

Amen. May I ever remember this. I feel like a failure when I cant do everything excellent all the time. I get tired. I loose sight.

In my book, the 8th habit, I read that we should focus on a couple most important goals instead of 50 (like my new years list..).

My most important goals to focus on this summer:
»STUDY scriptures each day for at least 15 minutes and pray each day on knees
»reevaluate budget every other friday & live within it (all bills and tithing paid first then calculate expenses)
»exercise 5 times a week (even if you dont feel like it! Do something)

If I accomplish these three goals this summer then I will feel successful.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

boy things

he's just past the 3 month relationship mark of death and we're still laughing.

he is my favorite.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in the temple this morning.
my girlfriend was being sealed to her sweet man.
the spirit was remarkable.
i can not fully describe the amount of love and joy i felt.  i was in a room full of someone elses family.
but i couldn't wrap my arms around how much love i felt for mine in that moment.
this gospel is above all else.  it is such a precious gift.  a way to be happy.  the way to be together as families.
i am so in love.  my man is amazing. he is everything i didn't know i needed and wanted.
it is so interesting to grow and learn and gain experience.  i have changed.  i have had my eyes opened. my vision expanded.

the truth is all that is important in this life is so very simple.
-sacrifice (improving yourself through self discipline)
-loving everyone

im so very happy.  my life is stressful or imperfect almost always but i know what direction i am going.  it is a good one.  it makes me happy to have the fulness of the gospel and real joy in my life.