Tuesday, June 26, 2012

grammie stopped by my town.

the other day i thought about how really amazing it is that we even know who Jesus Christ is.
that was sooo long ago that you think he/his mission/his gospel would be soooo lost by now, that we would have no clue who he was.

it is God's plan and work that we still know who he is today.  it is the obedience and righteousness of faithful prophets that have taught and carried on His gospel and scriptures.  It is restored with all the power of the priesthood (the power of God) that Jesus Christ held, through Joseph Smith in our day.  I think it is amazing that we have the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon.  SO amazing that we may know who he is and have a relationship with him today.

I know he did what the scriptures says he did.  I know he has the power to heal, comfort, forgive, and strengthen us.  I am grateful to know him.

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