Sunday, October 30, 2011

do you believe

in love at first sight?
yeah. i didn't either--
til i was drawn to this man.
it's beyond me. and nothing has ever been so wonderful.

for the first time it seems that i don't have to forgo parts of myself, my dreams, the life i want to live, my goals, the inspiration.
he makes me come to life.

Friday, October 28, 2011

a song about the truth on love...

the weekend is ours!!! are you in love?? i think we're meant to fall in love in the fall.
happy candy adventures this weekend.

this may be the happiest i have ever been. the reasons why to follow.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

some times we are lucky enough to get a tiny glimpse into the divine. we get to feel His spirit and be led by His hand.

i had this moment today. where i knew i was destined to be in the place that i was at that exact time, to do exactly what i was doing. it was part of His plan.

a tiny moment of a GIANT why i am on the earth
i can see just far enough in the route to take
God's plan for me and where to go

i'm so thankful to have listened to the whispers in my heart
to be inspired by Him
i love my testimony. it is most precious to me. and it does no good to hold it in.
it is meant to be shared

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

there is no one like you in the universe

miss rachel webster

this girl is in love.
and it brings me to tears.
i dont know anyone more deserving.
life is so good.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


new lamp shade.
did i ruin it???
or do i love it???

i can't decide.
and YES. that is an empty bowl of mint chip ice cream….

create today! do it!! this is a beautiful day.
i'm going to go hike with tim. love yous

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"some things are not mind-driven, but heart prompted."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


happy list:
my perfume
running on fall leaves
wearing boots & cardigans
having "ah ha!" moments
boys that turn to you, look you in the eye, and tell you something quietly
dancing to moves like jagger in the car
waking up on my own
button earrings
the heat of the sun on my cheek
the sound of the piano
smiling strangers
slab pizza
stretching my muscles
the order of the church
friends to love
dark grey nail polish
rain outside my windows


something i learned today while i was running.

AND let me say, i really love how God opens my mind to learn.

i have often wondered why we are given certain commandments.
like the ones that seem harmless. the littler ones??
note: i do believe that we just simply do not understand every aspect of God's plan, I know that he gives us commandments for reasons—to protect us.

BUT if nothing else, learning to obey the commandments teaches us self control.
i was thinking how by having faith and controlling yourself to do or not do certain things, gives you power.

when i first joined the church, i didn't understand why i couldn't drink iced tea. i grew up on the stuff. i drank it more than water. but as i have learned to control my cravings/addiction? to tea, i have developed the necessary strength to overcome other cravings or desires that come my way.

these "littler" things help us to overcome the "big" things. and this is powerful.

i ate 3 burritos today and laughed a lot.
happy week people.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

open your mouth

someone i love

"when you figure out that love is all that matters after all, everything else seems so small"

today has been an exceptional day.
when you allow it, the sabbath can hold such a special rejuvenation

i have never classified myself as a very loving person to everyone.
i don't know why i couldn't relate to it, but i feel like i am now learning to do something new.

Christ commands us to love one another. My patriarchal blessing states something along the lines of " because of my deep love for all", and i thought, that's not me. but that is who i need to become.

i have been recently pondering my interactions with others, how i am perceived by others, and how i perceive them. one thing i have discovered is that: there is no excuse for someone not liking you when they first meet you.

in general, there should simply be no reason why you don't come off likable, approachable, and kind. i personally, strive to show people i am interested in them, actually listen to them when they speak, and respect them. people should feel uplifted when they are around you. my goal is to show love to each person i meet. to see them how God sees them.

i know a couple people that are not this way. and at times, i know i am guilty of it too. IT IS NOT ok to have personality traits that make other's dislike you upon meeting. being rude, disrespectful, ill mannered, cold, judgmental, or cocky is not the way Christ would conduct himself.

i've learned that people just want and need to be loved. there are positive and wonderful attributes about each person on the face of this earth. we each have our own strengths. we each have our own talents. and yes, we each have our own personal trials and weaknesses. these set us apart. they help create who we are. but it is so very important for us to understand and live by this fact: we are all, equally, children of our heavenly father. we are all loved equally by Him.

each individual is so very special.
to judge one another based off our circumstances, our trials, or our weaknesses is a sin.

i have really tried to commit myself to really loving everyone i have the blessing of interacting with. despite my initial thoughts or judgments, despite what i have heard in gossip, despite my pride.
this is hard to do.

as my grandma has recently died, i have thought about this life as a whole. the big picture from beginning to end, and what the purpose of it is.
I have noted that in the end, when we strip down the fine worries and daily details, all we have is love. the love for the people we touch, the love for our family, the love we have for the people we serve in our careers, the love we have for our passions, the love we have for the things we have sacrificed for.

the gospel, when stripped down, is love. this is the most fulfilling of feelings. we should strive to share our love.

we should strive to show our love.
we should strive to bring focus to the people and things we love.
what/who do you love??
do they know??

it is so very easy to get busy in this life.
to forget our purpose. to forget about the worth of the people around you. as trials come upon us, and life gets hard, i have just discovered that the most important thing we could seek relief is in love.

God loves you more than you can imagine.
He needs you to love those he has placed in your path.
this is an amazing calling we have on earth. what a privilege and joy.

Friday, October 14, 2011

100 mph

i'm hitting the refresh button this weekend.

staying in your comfort zone does nothing for positive progression.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

take it to the lab

i'm going to change the world.
and i'm going to marry a film major.
i just watched short films at BYU on international entrepreneur programs, most regarding health.
WHAT? two things im passionate about?? WHATT

life is soo good.

i have a challenge for you.
regarding your posture.
this is something i'm a stickler about. it is more important than you may realize. it affects the lengths of your muscles and causes pain, particularly lower back pain. how many people do you know that have back pain?? How many people do you know that are constantly on medication for it/have had surgery for it?? More times than not, this pain could have been resolved with proper posture and movement when they were younger. Don't let this be you.

--lay on the ground, on your back
--take your hands and feel for the gap in your lower back
—there one?? there shouldn't be
—now use your abs to flatten out that gap
—from your head, down your spine, to your sacrum (tailbone) should all be touching the ground
—your hips should have tilted backward
—THIS is how your posture should always be
—take time to feel the position of your body
—think about how it feels in your core, your back and in your abs
—in this position, your abs and back muscles are the same length

the typical posture for most people is a lower back arch, where the muscles are really strong and tight. the counter part, the abs, are lengthened then. this means they are not being used.

the answer to your lower back posture= being concious of your body position and (always!) trying to practice engaging your abs/rolling your hips back AND doing abdominal strengthening exercises.

i wish i could describe these possible exercises but with words only, that would become complicated.
i love you. don't have back pain.
or let me stare at you and think about how if i can just…fix…those..muscles..

Monday, October 10, 2011


how impossible is it to find one compatible man that i don't have to beg to get a job, go for a run, or believe in God?

the numbers would surprise you.

it seems i am always waiting for the pieces to come together, for life to settle down

but it won't. and i know it is ok. and i do the best i can.

and i need to accept that. i beat myself up over bad test scores the past two weeks. but this is real life. and sometimes i stumble. and it will be ok.

with the big picture in mind, i am trying to become the best that i can be. i'm trying to improve my weaknesses, become the woman God needs me to be.

"I want to tell you something that I hope you will take in the right way: God is fully aware that you and I are not perfect.

Let me add: God is also fully aware that the people you think are perfect are not.

And yet we spend so much time and energy comparing ourselves to others—usually comparing our weaknesses to their strengths. This drives us to create expectations for ourselves that are impossible to meet. As a result, we never celebrate our good efforts because they seem to be less than what someone else does.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

It’s wonderful that you have strengths.

And it is part of your mortal experience that you do have weaknesses.

God wants to help us to eventually turn all of our weaknesses into strengths,1 but He knows that this is a long-term goal. He wants us to become perfect,2 and if we stay on the path of discipleship, one day we will. It’s OK that you’re not quite there yet. Keep working on it, but stop punishing yourself."

this clip came from one of the most wonderful talks from this general conference

elder uchtdorf

if you have a moment to read it, it would not be time wasted.

have a happy monday??

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oh hey

why heeellllllloooo fall

i love it so.
except i heard it's suppose to snow this weekend?? what the whaaat?

yesterday i drove past denny's around dinner time and i noticed that it was packed!
i thought to myself, who goes to denny's before midnight? who goes to denny's when ANYTHING else is open??

Can i teach you something about sports drinks??
gatorade, and such similar drinks, have so much sugar in them. only the top elite/endurance athletes (longer than 90 min of activity) benefit from sports drinks. the rest of us end up gaining more weight from drinking them than we even burn.
dang it.
so don't drink em. unless you're running a marathon.

i hope you have a happy day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

take my heart

my heart is heavy.
my week has been difficult but i have prayerfully sought to be strong and inspired.
i don't feel successful in this, but i do feel heavenly father's love.

last night my grandma died.
and i am ashamed i don't know her better than i do, but i am glad to know that our relationship does not end here.
i know that it is possible for us to be together again in the eternities. my knowledge of God's plan of happiness and salvation comforts me. not everyone has this knowledge though.

i know that this life is a time to grow and prepare to meet God.
what does this entail? trials, joy in continuous repentance, the ordinances of the gospel, making covenants in the temple, fulfilling our individual missions and roles, creating a family, serving those around us, loving them, and always striving to have the Holy Ghost as our companion.

i know that there is real, complete and eternal JOY in striving for the things above.

people in the church are not perfect, but the gospel itself—IS perfect. YOU can know God and see how He loves you. the gospel is not about being perfect, as in never sinning, like the savior is. the gospel is about continually repenting, turning to him for forgiveness for sins and imperfections, and seeking, trying, to be MORE like him.

we are not lost.
we are so very special to him.
and there are people in your life that you were meant to help and touch and love.
those people need you.

i am grateful to have known my grandma kunis. for her loyalty to God and her family.
i am forever blessed to be a member of my family and to share my testimony with people i come in contact with.

I know that God is our father in heaven. He is loves us unconditionally.
I know that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be our savior. To be the means by which we can be whole, complete, clean, and return to him. I know that the priesthood that has been restored to earth is the power of God given to worthy men. I know we are blessed with a compass called the Book of Mormon that guides us in how to live this life. I know that there is undeniable truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every question can be answered here. You can know it in your heart and mind. Through sincere prayer, God will make it clear to you.

we are so very blessed to have the truth at the tips of our fingers if we will but put aside our pride and hard hearts. be open to truth and seek it.

here's my heart, oh take and seal it
seal it for Thy courts above

i have not necessarily had a hard week personally, but i have really hurt to see so many people i love in pain. i hate seeing my family and friends struggling. it weighs on me and i want to take all their pains away. each of them are in my prayers and i hope i can find even a small way to lift their burdens. life is good.

have a happy week.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

welcome to provo

friday i needed out of the house.
so boy josh and i went on a photowalk.
and it lifted my spirits.

i've been wanting to take images of the architecture of homes in provo UT for a while now. I really really love the place i live. the porches are huge. each house and cute tiny details that give it character. pretty much my small town is just awesome. i am grateful to live here at this time.

dreamy rocking chairs??? yes please!

so this house is actually commercially owned but i'm not sure what kind of business it is..but there IS a giant statue of the savior which makes it very awesome/weird/awkward.

rainbow sprinklers anyone?
i bet his great grandpa made this by hand…

bikes and runners overflow provo streets.
i just love birdhouses..
wild sunflowers.
yellow doors and trim!!!
porch sittin'

makes me want to bake cookies with a baby on my hip.. no?
a pretty choir just sang in my head.
God bless America!!

he dances.

the Aladdin house

usually the couches are upright..

fall is upon us!! horray!!!

my porch view of autumn.