Thursday, October 13, 2011

take it to the lab

i'm going to change the world.
and i'm going to marry a film major.
i just watched short films at BYU on international entrepreneur programs, most regarding health.
WHAT? two things im passionate about?? WHATT

life is soo good.

i have a challenge for you.
regarding your posture.
this is something i'm a stickler about. it is more important than you may realize. it affects the lengths of your muscles and causes pain, particularly lower back pain. how many people do you know that have back pain?? How many people do you know that are constantly on medication for it/have had surgery for it?? More times than not, this pain could have been resolved with proper posture and movement when they were younger. Don't let this be you.

--lay on the ground, on your back
--take your hands and feel for the gap in your lower back
—there one?? there shouldn't be
—now use your abs to flatten out that gap
—from your head, down your spine, to your sacrum (tailbone) should all be touching the ground
—your hips should have tilted backward
—THIS is how your posture should always be
—take time to feel the position of your body
—think about how it feels in your core, your back and in your abs
—in this position, your abs and back muscles are the same length

the typical posture for most people is a lower back arch, where the muscles are really strong and tight. the counter part, the abs, are lengthened then. this means they are not being used.

the answer to your lower back posture= being concious of your body position and (always!) trying to practice engaging your abs/rolling your hips back AND doing abdominal strengthening exercises.

i wish i could describe these possible exercises but with words only, that would become complicated.
i love you. don't have back pain.
or let me stare at you and think about how if i can just…fix…those..muscles..

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