Sunday, October 2, 2011

take my heart

my heart is heavy.
my week has been difficult but i have prayerfully sought to be strong and inspired.
i don't feel successful in this, but i do feel heavenly father's love.

last night my grandma died.
and i am ashamed i don't know her better than i do, but i am glad to know that our relationship does not end here.
i know that it is possible for us to be together again in the eternities. my knowledge of God's plan of happiness and salvation comforts me. not everyone has this knowledge though.

i know that this life is a time to grow and prepare to meet God.
what does this entail? trials, joy in continuous repentance, the ordinances of the gospel, making covenants in the temple, fulfilling our individual missions and roles, creating a family, serving those around us, loving them, and always striving to have the Holy Ghost as our companion.

i know that there is real, complete and eternal JOY in striving for the things above.

people in the church are not perfect, but the gospel itself—IS perfect. YOU can know God and see how He loves you. the gospel is not about being perfect, as in never sinning, like the savior is. the gospel is about continually repenting, turning to him for forgiveness for sins and imperfections, and seeking, trying, to be MORE like him.

we are not lost.
we are so very special to him.
and there are people in your life that you were meant to help and touch and love.
those people need you.

i am grateful to have known my grandma kunis. for her loyalty to God and her family.
i am forever blessed to be a member of my family and to share my testimony with people i come in contact with.

I know that God is our father in heaven. He is loves us unconditionally.
I know that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be our savior. To be the means by which we can be whole, complete, clean, and return to him. I know that the priesthood that has been restored to earth is the power of God given to worthy men. I know we are blessed with a compass called the Book of Mormon that guides us in how to live this life. I know that there is undeniable truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every question can be answered here. You can know it in your heart and mind. Through sincere prayer, God will make it clear to you.

we are so very blessed to have the truth at the tips of our fingers if we will but put aside our pride and hard hearts. be open to truth and seek it.

here's my heart, oh take and seal it
seal it for Thy courts above

i have not necessarily had a hard week personally, but i have really hurt to see so many people i love in pain. i hate seeing my family and friends struggling. it weighs on me and i want to take all their pains away. each of them are in my prayers and i hope i can find even a small way to lift their burdens. life is good.

have a happy week.

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