Sunday, October 16, 2011

open your mouth

someone i love

"when you figure out that love is all that matters after all, everything else seems so small"

today has been an exceptional day.
when you allow it, the sabbath can hold such a special rejuvenation

i have never classified myself as a very loving person to everyone.
i don't know why i couldn't relate to it, but i feel like i am now learning to do something new.

Christ commands us to love one another. My patriarchal blessing states something along the lines of " because of my deep love for all", and i thought, that's not me. but that is who i need to become.

i have been recently pondering my interactions with others, how i am perceived by others, and how i perceive them. one thing i have discovered is that: there is no excuse for someone not liking you when they first meet you.

in general, there should simply be no reason why you don't come off likable, approachable, and kind. i personally, strive to show people i am interested in them, actually listen to them when they speak, and respect them. people should feel uplifted when they are around you. my goal is to show love to each person i meet. to see them how God sees them.

i know a couple people that are not this way. and at times, i know i am guilty of it too. IT IS NOT ok to have personality traits that make other's dislike you upon meeting. being rude, disrespectful, ill mannered, cold, judgmental, or cocky is not the way Christ would conduct himself.

i've learned that people just want and need to be loved. there are positive and wonderful attributes about each person on the face of this earth. we each have our own strengths. we each have our own talents. and yes, we each have our own personal trials and weaknesses. these set us apart. they help create who we are. but it is so very important for us to understand and live by this fact: we are all, equally, children of our heavenly father. we are all loved equally by Him.

each individual is so very special.
to judge one another based off our circumstances, our trials, or our weaknesses is a sin.

i have really tried to commit myself to really loving everyone i have the blessing of interacting with. despite my initial thoughts or judgments, despite what i have heard in gossip, despite my pride.
this is hard to do.

as my grandma has recently died, i have thought about this life as a whole. the big picture from beginning to end, and what the purpose of it is.
I have noted that in the end, when we strip down the fine worries and daily details, all we have is love. the love for the people we touch, the love for our family, the love we have for the people we serve in our careers, the love we have for our passions, the love we have for the things we have sacrificed for.

the gospel, when stripped down, is love. this is the most fulfilling of feelings. we should strive to share our love.

we should strive to show our love.
we should strive to bring focus to the people and things we love.
what/who do you love??
do they know??

it is so very easy to get busy in this life.
to forget our purpose. to forget about the worth of the people around you. as trials come upon us, and life gets hard, i have just discovered that the most important thing we could seek relief is in love.

God loves you more than you can imagine.
He needs you to love those he has placed in your path.
this is an amazing calling we have on earth. what a privilege and joy.


Kaeli said...

this was such an amazing post. i will be reading it again.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

kaeli! i do appreciate it.
thank you for reading =]