Monday, April 8, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

your body.

as a personal trainer/healthy person/female, i have my normal confusion about confirming my love for my body.  
i take that back, i always love my body.
but some days, i wished some parts were slightly smaller or bigger or less this or more that.
to some extent this is normal.

to the other extent, this can be incredibly harmful.

God gave us our bodies.
he created ours specifically for us. unique and individual.
with our specific freckle, the shape of our hips. 
he created us beautifully.

and then we reject them.  here on earth.
we hate them, we put toxic material into them-we deface them-we pay to have them morphed into something the human mind conjured up, instead of loving what the Godly, divine mind created.

i have been thinking randomly, lately about my opinion on breast implants.  and in my career, i think a lot about people's psychology toward their bodies and weight loss.  i gained a couple of pounds this past year, and its been kind of annoying to me.  i would like to change that.  it has been completely in my diet—i have not stopped working out.  but i do love and respect my body.

and i want to honor what God gave me, specifically to me.
i embrace my physical imperfections and flaws.
because they make me me. 
my body is not a lie, trying to be like some model shape.
it is me.
and i do love me.