Monday, March 25, 2013

how to be happy.

today i read this post.  and its exactly how i feel—er what i need to do to feel how i want to feel:


plus, she has a really cool blog.

Monday, March 18, 2013

i miss my short hairs.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013


have you read these?

a fellow blogger, getting the reality out to the world.
i believe in this.

love you.


oh, dear.

i feel i have neglected this poor blog.
i have some exhausting things going on in my life that require my attention.

i sat in on a lecture today. a guest speaker came into my school where i teach personal trainers.  he really spoke about us accepting who we are, becoming an introspective thinker, and identifying our strengths and weaknesses.
i loved it.
i want a masters in that.
and i want someone to pay me a lot of money to help them/their companies do this.

im not great at all this, but i love it and see the value in it and know that it is important.
as i was listening to his lecture, i had the impression:
i need to get back to the basics.

he spoke about how athletes do the same fundamental movements over and over again, and master them.  they do some other types of training too, but there is a key to doing the basics repeatedly.
i thought about the gospel—we repeat some basic principles sunday after sunday, year after year.
dancing—you repeat the same moves a million times until is just natural.
you get the idea.

so im sitting down here, and i want to write out what those "basics" are for me. surely, they will be different for you.  i feel that focusing on the basics helps keep balance in life.  a routine that may differ within each aspect but always having those aspects...

scripture study
stretching/foam rolling/relaxation times
eating as natural as possible
controlling my money
cooking for enjoyment and to have a healthy body
writing freely (and writing goals-reading them often)
exercise toward goals
practicing positive thinking
quality and quantity sleep

i need to come back to these basics. i was happy to hear this refresher today.
i once read a quote that says, successful people are those to repeat and do the basics and necessary things that others neglect, not because they enjoy them more, but because their end goal is worth it.