Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it must be love

courtney & patrick
are some of my very favorite people
they're an awesome couple and put on one of the best weddings i've ever attended!
i've never seen so many people dance without running out of energy
the december snow in icy michigan tripped up a couple folks but caused for a stunning wedding
here are a few of my favorite =]

energy of my soul

"if you will put the Lord first, all the rest will fall into place"
its is true
i've done it before
and it works
happiness follows
but still i forget
and when i am tired of trying life alone-
i rearrange
perhaps the word is repent
and here i am
fulness of joy again
the seed that works in you
humbling you again

so i've learned: to trust in the Lord, do what he has commanded to do, and he is bound to bless me. and he never fails

it is a simple concept
a divine and merciful concept
and it actually works every time

nothing is greater than to kneel in prayer and watch the Lord work, and bless you
He lives and loves each of his children
He hears us
He knows us
He is closer to you than you think
He does answer our prayers

Monday, January 25, 2010

the humble abode

my roommate rachel rocks
and sings

disregard the broken dresser...

dear mom,
this is my place.
its nice
its warm
and it is very clean
i love it

i have recently learned that half a gallon of milk is too much for me.
im glad i have rachel
i have to go run now

Friday, January 15, 2010

seeds of acts

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

i'm really itching to buy new books. but spending extra cash in that area just isn't logical for now.
maybe used on amazon. even though i love sitting in the bookstore. thats half the enjoyment.
i have 3 new ones in mind. can't wait.

it's not like i don't have 6 5lb school books that need reading anyway =]

i think its funny how some day seem like the end of the world. perhaps this makes me female.
perhaps i have said this before.

my goal is to write/blog more. my goal is to paint again. my goal is to have my camera out at least once a week while im in school. my goal is to be a step ahead in anatomy lab. my goal is to serve others. my goal is to turn a negative thought into a reconstructed positive one. my goal is to not be sick.
my goal is to write out all these goals and ponder on them for this next year...

im sick. apparently due to thinking that i am sick. darn my mind and its tricks.
i say its from running in colder than freezing weather

i wish i was in the temple this very moment.
wish i could breathe normally.
wish i had hot tea.
study time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


its hard to believe she is just a senior
super gorgeous woman

just remember to wear closed toed shoes around the barn...
happy sunday

Friday, January 8, 2010

glittered trees and borrowing neighbors garbage cans

my lovely sisters

we like toys

xmas carols rock
crazy neighbors lights

im behind on everything. january-here are xmas favorites.
resolutions to come before the month is up.

adventures from the past week:
-custard= creamy ice cream. also = not as good.
-walmart is officially the only place to purchase groceries in orem. and i hate walmart.
-even walking up stairs in this chill and altitude makes me out of breath
-being in the room with cadavers is not my cup of tea
-you can't buy alcohol here before noon
-the check engine light is a sure sign for a panic attack on my part
-every girl and their mom wears ugg boots, poofy hair, and these weird knit headbands
-washing your car in 19 degree weather is a dumb choice; leaves you frost bitten and an icicle for a car
-eye drops a must have: ive never blinked so much in my life due to the cold dry air
-my baked potatoes took 3 hours to cook for no reason last night. we ate at 8pm. FAIL
-everyone here thinks i surf and speak spanish because i am from california

im going to go attempt to run outside...this adventure may be something i need to add to that list...wish me luck

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

we stopped every hour to pee

we made it to utah mom.
its cold and overcast. overcast maybe is a beach term? or maybe i don't know any better.
the mountains are gorgeous.

Friday, January 1, 2010

wild lillies


tomrrow, i move.
new adventure.
new year.

change is finally here