Friday, January 15, 2010

seeds of acts

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

i'm really itching to buy new books. but spending extra cash in that area just isn't logical for now.
maybe used on amazon. even though i love sitting in the bookstore. thats half the enjoyment.
i have 3 new ones in mind. can't wait.

it's not like i don't have 6 5lb school books that need reading anyway =]

i think its funny how some day seem like the end of the world. perhaps this makes me female.
perhaps i have said this before.

my goal is to write/blog more. my goal is to paint again. my goal is to have my camera out at least once a week while im in school. my goal is to be a step ahead in anatomy lab. my goal is to serve others. my goal is to turn a negative thought into a reconstructed positive one. my goal is to not be sick.
my goal is to write out all these goals and ponder on them for this next year...

im sick. apparently due to thinking that i am sick. darn my mind and its tricks.
i say its from running in colder than freezing weather

i wish i was in the temple this very moment.
wish i could breathe normally.
wish i had hot tea.
study time.

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Rob & Danee said...

love you girly, you rock!