Tuesday, January 26, 2010

energy of my soul

"if you will put the Lord first, all the rest will fall into place"
its is true
i've done it before
and it works
happiness follows
but still i forget
and when i am tired of trying life alone-
i rearrange
perhaps the word is repent
and here i am
fulness of joy again
the seed that works in you
humbling you again

so i've learned: to trust in the Lord, do what he has commanded to do, and he is bound to bless me. and he never fails

it is a simple concept
a divine and merciful concept
and it actually works every time

nothing is greater than to kneel in prayer and watch the Lord work, and bless you
He lives and loves each of his children
He hears us
He knows us
He is closer to you than you think
He does answer our prayers

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