Friday, January 8, 2010

glittered trees and borrowing neighbors garbage cans

my lovely sisters

we like toys

xmas carols rock
crazy neighbors lights

im behind on everything. january-here are xmas favorites.
resolutions to come before the month is up.

adventures from the past week:
-custard= creamy ice cream. also = not as good.
-walmart is officially the only place to purchase groceries in orem. and i hate walmart.
-even walking up stairs in this chill and altitude makes me out of breath
-being in the room with cadavers is not my cup of tea
-you can't buy alcohol here before noon
-the check engine light is a sure sign for a panic attack on my part
-every girl and their mom wears ugg boots, poofy hair, and these weird knit headbands
-washing your car in 19 degree weather is a dumb choice; leaves you frost bitten and an icicle for a car
-eye drops a must have: ive never blinked so much in my life due to the cold dry air
-my baked potatoes took 3 hours to cook for no reason last night. we ate at 8pm. FAIL
-everyone here thinks i surf and speak spanish because i am from california

im going to go attempt to run outside...this adventure may be something i need to add to that list...wish me luck

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