Saturday, October 1, 2011

welcome to provo

friday i needed out of the house.
so boy josh and i went on a photowalk.
and it lifted my spirits.

i've been wanting to take images of the architecture of homes in provo UT for a while now. I really really love the place i live. the porches are huge. each house and cute tiny details that give it character. pretty much my small town is just awesome. i am grateful to live here at this time.

dreamy rocking chairs??? yes please!

so this house is actually commercially owned but i'm not sure what kind of business it is..but there IS a giant statue of the savior which makes it very awesome/weird/awkward.

rainbow sprinklers anyone?
i bet his great grandpa made this by hand…

bikes and runners overflow provo streets.
i just love birdhouses..
wild sunflowers.
yellow doors and trim!!!
porch sittin'

makes me want to bake cookies with a baby on my hip.. no?
a pretty choir just sang in my head.
God bless America!!

he dances.

the Aladdin house

usually the couches are upright..

fall is upon us!! horray!!!

my porch view of autumn.


Miss Lucy Dunn said...

LOVE these! you do such a good job finding beautiful things and photographing it! i mean provo is cute, but it doesn't look like this blog post. you have to find it and make it look good. looks awesome!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

bahaha provo DOES look this good luce!! i just love it. =] dinner this week? fall shoot? lets wear skirts? i love you dearly

Janelle said...

great shots, makes me want to visit. Love all the beutiful architecture.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

thanks janelle! i would definitely suggest a visit! maybe spend more time in slc or park city though =] there is more to do there! but provo is cute and has it's novelties. =]