Tuesday, October 18, 2011


something i learned today while i was running.

AND let me say, i really love how God opens my mind to learn.

i have often wondered why we are given certain commandments.
like the ones that seem harmless. the littler ones??
note: i do believe that we just simply do not understand every aspect of God's plan, I know that he gives us commandments for reasons—to protect us.

BUT if nothing else, learning to obey the commandments teaches us self control.
i was thinking how by having faith and controlling yourself to do or not do certain things, gives you power.

when i first joined the church, i didn't understand why i couldn't drink iced tea. i grew up on the stuff. i drank it more than water. but as i have learned to control my cravings/addiction? to tea, i have developed the necessary strength to overcome other cravings or desires that come my way.

these "littler" things help us to overcome the "big" things. and this is powerful.

i ate 3 burritos today and laughed a lot.
happy week people.

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The Lowry Family said...

you are a gem. i love you