Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in the temple this morning.
my girlfriend was being sealed to her sweet man.
the spirit was remarkable.
i can not fully describe the amount of love and joy i felt.  i was in a room full of someone elses family.
but i couldn't wrap my arms around how much love i felt for mine in that moment.
this gospel is above all else.  it is such a precious gift.  a way to be happy.  the way to be together as families.
i am so in love.  my man is amazing. he is everything i didn't know i needed and wanted.
it is so interesting to grow and learn and gain experience.  i have changed.  i have had my eyes opened. my vision expanded.

the truth is all that is important in this life is so very simple.
-sacrifice (improving yourself through self discipline)
-loving everyone

im so very happy.  my life is stressful or imperfect almost always but i know what direction i am going.  it is a good one.  it makes me happy to have the fulness of the gospel and real joy in my life.

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