Friday, December 14, 2012


My heart is full of thankfulness and gratitude
I feel so blessed.
I photographed a sweet wedding today and several kind people came up to me and complimented me as a photographer.
I dont imagine they knew how very much that meant to me.
My heart is humbled.
It is soo very rewarding to receive a compliment on something im so passionate about and put so much energy and focus into.
Bless those kind people for saying those words.
I am so so so lucky to do something i love, and to have the mind and eye and skill and equipment to be able to do so. Im also thankful for people like my mom and lucy and paul (and several others!) who have supported me when ive doubted myself.

One time, many years ago, i was photographing a surprise party. I didnt know anyone at the party. And my flash didnt fire when the birthday girl walked through the door.
The one shot i was paid to get.
I missed.
I tried not to panic or get upset. There was nothing i could do at that point.
But it wore on me and i locked myself in the bathroom.
I texted my mom and told her i wasnt cut out for this. That i messed up and it was terrible. I had tears in my eyes.
I got a text back from my sweet little sister saying not to give up, that im a good photographer and i have all the knowledge and skills to be successful as a photographer.

Those were such sweet words. So many times i have reflected on that text and it has kept me going. Im so grateful for this love and encouragement.

I am blessed by a God that is so generous to me. I hope to never take those blessings for granted.

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