Tuesday, September 7, 2010

our escape continued through labor day...

so brittany had the grand idea of meeting up with her cousin in Wyoming for the annual Mountain Man Rendezvous. we weren't there long, but from what i could tell everyone stepped back in time to the fur trade era of the 1830's. we forgot our leather, our fur, our feathers and our pretty bonnets, so my vans and skinny jeans were a bit out of place. it was wild though. and having breakfast made for us was the best part and the root beer and scones and smell of leather. oh and the fireworks. and brittany wondering if animals will speak in heaven. and me falling into a ditch and nearly spraining my ankle trying to pee. and the luxurious queen sized sleeping bag. those were my favorites.
i've never been here...the guy at the fireworks store said there is nothing here but fireworks and ______ we think he said corn or porn...

so we played

i almost snatched this lil one just to hold

gorgeous music..i can't remember what it was called...hammering something

happy fur lady. they felt sooo nice

john gets credit for this shot..love it
enter at your own risk..

i must go next year with tiger lily hair and a corsette dress.

i need this week to be a catch up, make order of things week. i have a feeling that will be a challenge, but i'm trying to construct a new and improved list of goals today...wish me luck. i'm in the process of editing 4 different shoots...so bare with me. more photos to come.

have a happy day

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