Sunday, September 5, 2010


in my book it reads: successful people are those that make a habit of doing what "failures" don't like to do. not because they enjoy them, but because they understand the necessity of doing such things.

sometimes i feel like this. when i show up at some strangers house and walk into a party of 60 people and i'm suppose to be their best friend and laugh and be a show with them and take their photo, i think man i don't want to do this. inside me it is somewhat awkward and i really have to make an effort. the typical person would never even show up, the typical person, i think, would run away. one time i hid in the bathroom. but i do it because i love my work, i love photography, and i love challenging myself. i build character through this.

do i always love talking with a billion strangers, keeping it real, keeping a smile, and thinking about my exposure, how the sun moved, my angle on the kid that has glasses, observing composure, open eyes, the sounds around me, all while trying to balance on my ladder? not always. but i pushed myself to do it, and now i thrive off it.

a similar situation is like when your mom tells you, as a ten year old, to go ask the person who works at the store a question. you don't want to. you're sacred. you don't really know what you're doing. but now you feel shoved in a corner cuz mom is shooing you to go. so you go and do. and it aint so bad. and now at 23 you're a pro. you're bossing that store worker around and demanding the sale. just kidding. but really.

i think it is important to be the kind of person that steps outside your comfort zone.

with soccer teams, mom always said, you won't get better until you go play for a team that is better than you. put yourself in a position, an environment, a mind frame that is better than you—so you can grow and become just that.

it begins with thought.


Tiana said...

so you mean its a GOOD thing I'm moving to L.A. where they're going to eat me alive? Phew, I thought I was getting myself into some trouble here...thanks Des!

; ) love you

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

thats exactly what im saying lovergirl. way to spread those wings!