Tuesday, September 14, 2010


this is my pretty new ring..
im almost running out of fingers..
its all shiny and such

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas running through me right now.
it's an exciting kind of running, not anxiety
I feel like a chapter of my life has closed. a chapter that needed to happen to really bring me to where i am today. i feel like i can tuck away all of the "old" me and parts that don't bring any positivity into my life today, and close that book.

this new chapter is smarter
and improved
and heading in an exciting direction

i have a huge desire to learn more.
i want to learn something everyday.
i have this desire to be more calm, to think about other people more, and to raise my standards for myself
i challenge myself to expand beyond my past potential and become something greater
i desire to live today as if i WERE exactly that image of who i want to be down the road
i desire to think and work on the things that really do matter most in this life
i desire to not waste my time
i want to not be limited by my mind, my fears, or other's expectations
i desire to rely wholly on my faith in God and HIS plan
i desire to open myself up to create more

Those 5 goals that i posted last week are also written on a piece of paper
i taped it to my wall above my hat boxes where i will read it every time i walk out of my room
i read it over and over
"listen, create, temple, independent, let it go"
and it's working

i'm thinking of those things and in return, beginning to do those things
and i knew they would bring me joy

i know that who i am today is not because of my great mind or fantastic will
i know that who i am today is because of a remarkable God and selfless savior
that countlessly picks me off the floor and dusts me off
I know that God lives and is very real
I know that He gives me power and strength and courage when I can't get through it alone
I know that living in such a way that I can feel His spirit and love is the only way
and it is the only way to feel true joy and everlasting love

it is true
and again i'm blessed with sweet conviction
and another happy day


mom said...

Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be. ~Robert Brault

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

i love it! im going to put it on my wall

Tiana said...

you are stunning Desiree! Written beautifully as always and so, so powerful. My teacher told us today that if you can see yourself being it or doing it, it can and will be real. "Visualize Your Victory" was our motto at City but I'm beginning to see it's applicable to so much more than sports. Get after it Des you are amazing!