Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Men

(last week as i went to go hike. this is the provo temple. these are the beautiful mountains and the weirdest weather. and i find it stunningly gorgeous. p.s. i was driving while i took this.. and i don't suggest it.)

sometimes i just want to latch onto her mind and play all day
she posted a spread containing some images i took recently for her
i don't like my work as far as everything with the tea party scene but tiana has a way of making even ugly things beautiful

sometimes i wish she was a boy and that i could marry her
but maybe that's taking things too far..
speaking of marriage
CLICK here for a wonderful talk from Elder Scott titled, "To Have Peace and Happiness"
i watched this video at 3:30 in the morning the other night
i jotted down ideas and was moved
"love is to protect and keep pure"
and this is the only kind of relationship that i will try to create from now on..
one that is based on the gospel, the will of the Lord is first
one that is rooted in true love—desire to respect, lift one another up, support, and show kindness to
one that is pure—love not lust, righteous desires and goals
one that builds on each other's strengths, instead of trying to "fix" some weakness

im too old to be playing games
and i know too much to be doing anything but the right things

i went to institute today
and reallllyy loved it
i found tears in my eyes as i listened to a video of the prophet bearing testimony
i was asked to share a scripture that i liked,
"...for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart."

i shared that this could be viewed in the perspective of ourselves—remembering that its not what we have or how we look or the appearance of things that matter but the desire and will of our heart that really matters, but this scripture also needs to be taken from the perspective of looking at others
SO EASILY i have seen people, and brittany i were just talking about this last night,
judge others for their appearance or for their past or for their things (or lack of things)
instead of being Christ-like and loving them
for who they are inside
for who they are today
for where their heart is

in that sense, i become filled with love for EVERYONE around me
and we're all broken in some way
and everyone deserves to not be judged but to be simply loved

i know there is someone out there today that really needs YOU to love them
to show appreciation
or just a smile or helping hand

i'd love to make it a goal to try to find that someone everyday that i could show love to

go hug a neighbor
send your loves around


Tiana said...

I'm FAMOUS! 'Bout time shoot...
haha thanks for the shout out girl you make me laugh...

Tiana said...

Oh and also I would take you any day ; ) Sorry I ruined everything and came out a girl. I'll have a few words with my mother about that.