Wednesday, September 8, 2010

apples to apples: smelly:desiree

is it disgusting that i did an intense workout last night after work, then played games with sweet friends, then ate $7.50 worth of chocolate burnt almond ice cream then slept in my bed then woke up and ran 2.5 miles again?
all without showering?
and now im late to class, so im not going to have time to shower again?

i swear ive never sweat so much in my life..
i may do a research project on sweat.

today is a rank day.
and somehow i don't really smell all that bad..


desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

by the way, i DID put all my bedsheets in the wash this morning...
i couldnt do that two nights in a row...

mom said...

publicizing your foul hygiene habits is probably not going to get you many dates. Just sayin'.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

i think yer onto somethin...

but guess what?! i JUST showered!! so fresh and so clean