Saturday, September 18, 2010

the day

i shot my first gun...

other recent firsts:
--camping (can you believe it? it was kind of a warm up though. i had a sweet tent and breakfast already made for me..)
—stepping in dog poop barefoot
—attending a rodeo (i love the bull riding..and the wrestling)
—and now, shooting a gun and not just A gun, like 3 guns

and soon a circus! gah! oh the photo possibilities!

im pretty hard core and everything now

weeee!! my arm is so tired
does this face make you swoon like it does me??

yes, i liked it.

ashley and tony
pictures of his arms.

utah is pretty.

oh and don't worry mom
the men were safe about it all
i even hit a a soda can that was so far away, i couldn't even see it WITH my glasses on that good

and this is all so fun

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