Friday, September 10, 2010

i wish at this time that blogspot would let the above image be any larger.
i have some neat photo projects floating in my head right now
and for some reason i am super eager to shoot lately
last night i wanted to jump out of bed and go shoot at 2am

but i was working on editing and committed to finishing THAT project
then i fell asleep and dreamt that i was being raped and held in this guys house.
my friend, mitch, was there and he just said, "that's just how it goes"
it was disgusting
and maybe i shouldn't have typed this

today i learned about the importance of calcium
your heart won't beat without it
your muscles won't contract without it
your bones will atrophy and break without it
your nervous system fails without it

pretty much you die
OH but you can transport oxygen to your organs without calcium
but you probably wouldn't have the energy to do that without calcium

SO i am recommitting myself, today, to take my calcium supplement faithfully
or more so, diligently
and you should too
but please don't rush off and gulp that 2% milk
(but lets not get into my dairy tangent..)

happy day
im goin to a rodeo
gun rope me a cowboy

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