Monday, September 20, 2010

several times i wrote, "i dont want to forget today"

my face
i stole these today..

do you love my new kicks?
do you love them with pokeys everywhere?
cuz i don't

i run by this field several times a week
it is beautiful and i always smile
and today i wished i had taken a picture of these ladies but i didn't
and then i regretted it
and i didn't want the wild sunflower season to pass me by without placing some in my room
so i went out
even though i had 8 other things that needed doing

those ladies:
in the airport today, a sweet woman spoke to me about how her husband was suppose to propose to her when her horse was being delivered. he made a banner to hang around the horse and he was suppose to buy flowers, but timing was off.
so she told him to propose to her while they were in russia at some square
and he did
and she has been married 30 years and she seemed just as giddy as day one...
then her mother, in a wheel chair next to her, with dark ruby lipstick on,
said, "that's better than a man proposing in a letter!" i thought this is all so romantic.. i leaned in and she told me how her husband was stationed in guam and that he had to ask her via snail mail.
could you imagine the anticipation for him?
poor sucker.
romantic sucker.

so i've had a pretty day.
i ate black berries and learned about rickets and other calcium deficiency diseases..
yesterday i wrote "accepting hardships is the pathway to peace"
i wrote "it is undeniable"
i wrote "you know enough"

the day before that i lounged in a warm pool and waited for the sun to fall
and we talked about scary things and happy things and got the chills
i wish i could tivo my memories
more than anything

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Tiana said...

I wish you could tivo them too I'd love to catch up on these episodes...