Friday, September 24, 2010


it's not mine. don't freak my buddy, kris, he is wonderful and he bought a girl a ring. and he prayed and came to the realization that she is in fact, THE ONE. and i am so very happy for them.
kris already booked the temple. and i find that so cute.
kris and i got to the airport 20 minutes before the plane was to land.
we speed walked to the security lady, with photos of her kids pinned to her shirt, and she rushed us to southwest desk to get passes to go to the gate
they did it in 3 minutes flat
kris was nervous but kept his cool
my stomach was doing flips, i was a lil shakey
but we jet through security and raced up the stairs
once at the gate, he found random people to hold special signs for Brenna
as the plane unloaded cramped people, the anticipation built
holding my camera, i was shaking
kris didn't stop moving
or smiling
she must have been the last person off that flight
and after he called out to her, he got on one knee
and i wish i could have heard the sweet words he said, but i was busied snapping aw
she said yes, people clapped, and the lady made an announcement on the intercom, then brenna walked down the aisles and showed everyone her gorgeous ring..
and now theyre in love
and now theyre going to be sealed in the temple
and this is awesome
my favorite image. oh hello guy. you ARE the most important thing in this photo..

her mouth

i love airports.

and there it is
theyre getting married in december

i was the happiest girl all day
after squealing and jumping at their engagement
so lovely

i have circus photos to share and pregnant photos to share and little boy photos to share
but i am all so busy
but i DO have one last surprise

SO yesterday was a wretched day
i bolted straight up in bed at 8:20, "oh no. yea, that test is in 40 minutes."
i scurried to school with a headache to take a test
went to class
then straight to work here i proceeded to make 25 dollars in 5 hours.. did you read that correctly? kill me please.
THEN i came home and showered, thinking the worst of the day was over,
but lo and behold i squirt a motherload of superglue all over both hands
i screamed and threw my ring (that i was gluing) and spread all my fingers out and stood there..
decided what i could do...
i just ran my hands under cold water..
super frustrated—pulling my ring that is now glued to the carpet, off—
i get a text reading, "go to your door RIGHT NOW!!"
note i JUST got out of the shower, and im in my towel..
i peek through the hole and make sure no one is there..
i open the door quickly—
and scream

a woman walks up the stairs..i apologize for being in a towel and she says she won't tell
my smile must be ripping through my face
i'm the happiest girl alive and i squeal again
one hand holding the towel, one hand dragging my gift in

i love it so very much
he made it with his own hands
and he made it for me
it IS a giant chalk board
i want to cry i love it so much
ooh and the ribbon and bow were so cute!!
and the ruby red painted frame
and the colorful chalk
OH its so perfect

and i think to myself, who is telling him exactly what i love?
tiana, are you feeding him courting advice?
it scares me how wonderful he is
quick someone pinch me

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Layla said...

Ok, seriously loved this post! Your friend's proposal was awesome and the guy you are dating is a keeper! Love your blog.