Sunday, March 13, 2011

ye shall grow

Betcha didn't know-


i'm mad good at bowling.
bah i'm really terrible at it and THAT kills me.
the point of this video was to introduce to you my new HD video camera thing! yeee!
it's pretty neat. i'm just gettin the hang of it. i near recorded everything this weekend..

this weekend was another wonderful one. reeaaallly wonderful.
i've been so in love lately.
i'm really really blessed. i love the people in my life. even the little ones.
even just talking to strangers and understanding life just a little bit more.

i'm having trouble thinking and focusing due to only 9 hours of sleep this entire weekend.
im going to read til i pass out. sweet dreams.


Tiana said...

only you could bowl in a high-waisted skirt, rock, and not look silly.
you's got game girl, you's got game...

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

oh gosh. are you KIDDDING???
the darn skirt inhibited my legs from moving! i look like a frilly barbie girl. ugh.