Tuesday, March 22, 2011

miracle on 7th street

last year- somehow-
i missed flippin girl scout cookie season. i was pissed for a long time.
today i seriously repeated a prayer that the chubby cheeked, obnoxious girls would be outside walmart
when i turned the corner and saw them braving the snow, i yelped with joy. i turned up my country and started dancing.

when i walked up to the table one, of the mothers commanded a girl to get me a box saying, "this lady looks like a serious buyer.."

i couldve sworn girl scout cookies were 6 bucks when i was a green girl (or whatever they are called lol..brownie? with fudge? please???)
here in utah they are $3.50 !!

life has never been better when you got a tagalong in yo mouth

the 2nd reason why march might be the best month ever:
men with march madness beards

woah baby. bring on the calories and the madness!!


Tiana said...

and also the shirtless man in the background. bring him on too!

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

rahahaha!! i dont like mr. march…he has ZERO chest hair.. you can have him T. more your type =]

mom said...

ugh. They were 4.00/box here. I bought you some. I was going to send them home with you when you're out here. Looks like you have quite the stash though.

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

aw its cause youre the best mum ever. i will eat all yours while im there!