Wednesday, March 2, 2011

today was hot, like 49 degrees hot.

there are few things that i love more than snowboarding.

today i:
-went to all my classes (gasp! high five! yawn..)
-ate pineapple, strawberries, and grapes for b'fast
-went boarding on the most beautiful mountain (utah is seriously beautiful!!! the aspens make me think of romantic things.)
-got chapped lips
-craved waffles from the waffle shack on the mountain (they are to DIE FOR goodness with chunks of sugar caramelized inside…oh dear, so good)
-took the fastest shower of my life
-ate a J-dog (famous in provo. really. they arnt bad. try the special sauce)
-stepped in mud
-went to the salt lake REAL game!! it was amazing. real won 4-1. all of the goals were pretty awesome. just a plain old good game. made me itchy to get on the field.

and last night i ate the best thai food these lips have stumbled across
if you're ever in park city, find the underground thai place on main street
it made my week

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