Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my girls are all grown up

well do ya?
someone thought i was drinking…this is the best stuff ever..i think its a utah thing...

wrenn's wedding

here is my first video experiment. it was a gorgeous day.

this new camera video thing is real neat and fun.
i will be adding new videos to vimeo as i go…

as for me, life is so good.
i bought a sweet leather satchel purse today.
i'm in love.

i had really weird/disturbing dreams last night.
at one point, i was salivating so much that i just kept spitting up mouths full of spit. i couldn't stop. it was disgusting.
so weird.

and then my phone rang and i thought it was my friend so i answered it and then i realized i didn't know who the person was. and i freaked out and hung up. my heart raced.
so strange, i am.

have a happy day! i'm goin running then dinner with lucy then gettin down on the dance floor with cowboy casanova! yeeeeeehaw!


Sasha said...

Oh em gee! I love the pics and the really makes me happy we have all of that day documented. Definitely a day to remember!! Thank you so much for getting the footage. You are amazing. and I love you :)

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

sasha. you have no idea what an amazing woman you are. thank you for your example and love. i'm so very happy you are a part of my life! and i am thrilled for the memories to come! =] love you!