Friday, March 11, 2011

by the sea

i took this image a long time ago. i still love it. i love calla lilies.

some times when a happy little oyster is just drifting along loving life-
a rough little piece of sand sneaks its way in.
this sand is an irritation, a foreigner, a little bit of something bad
and what does this dear sweet oyster do?
it embraces the darn thing
wraps it up, over and over, with nacre
creating a most beautiful thing
a pearl.

i love my pearl.

im getting the worst of my senioritis syndrome. all i want to do is go dancing and eat and hike.
i can't wait to get tan. yesterday was a glorious 60 degrees. i wore a tank & shorts running. it was aaaaamazing.

i got another shot in my foot today.

this summer is probably going to be the best yet. britt and i already have grand plans including a 4 day camp out in colorado to see tim mcgraw and kenny chesney and all the cowboys these eyes could dream of.

i'm so ready to come home and smell salty air.
love you for reading. have a happy weekend.

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