Monday, March 7, 2011

on men

im still not done with this lil project. i have to paint the wood and glue all the fabric down. and i freehanded the letters so they didn't turn out pretty. but i love the idea. i'll get better at it.

i love my crooked heart. it took me a month and a half to even look at it.
i unraveled the initials-
and wrote something better over them

i was recently asked my top 5 non-negiotiable qualities in a man. i've been thinking on this ever since i answered. my answers were:

1. babies— this is simple. i want a family. i want babies to snuggle and sing to and teach and love and enjoy. i want a husband that wants this too. that believes in an eternal family. that will be an amazing example to my babies and teach them how to fish and say their prayers.

2. God—i need a priesthood holder. one that wants to be that man not just for me and the kids, but because that what he really wants for himself, in his heart. i want to trust that my husband will seek and follow God, so i can follow him. i want to be sealed in the temple for eternity. i want to kneel in prayer together each day. i want to know that we have the same goals in mind, to return to Heavenly Father, to share the gospel, to live what we believe.

3.temper—this is just not negotiable. this also falls under the respect & communication category. i want someone that speaks with soft tones to me and my babies. that shows their love by controlling the way they come off and sound. i don't want screaming in my house. nothing makes me more uncomfortable then when men get angry—especially if they punch things/throw things/yell. it's just poor communication skills, immature, and unnecessary. and i don't deserve to have that.

4. communication— this is the key. any relationship can be successful if both parties have effective communication skills. i can't stress this quality enough. someone that is open, who can use their words.

5. respect—so much comes into play here. respect for themselves, for others, for their mother, for me. manners, reverence. something i have noticed in men that i date is that i don't always respect each of them, i'm not rude, but you have to really appreciate and respect that person. (i can't do passive men). you have to honor them a lil. you watch what you say and do- that you might show that respect.

and now that im thinking about it, i have about 30 other things to add to this list. but these are really the things that i will not budge on. can't do without.

life is so very good.
love yahs

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