Thursday, March 10, 2011

some pages turn

my heart has really ached for people lately.
i have climbed out of my hole- it seems. my wounds are scarring up.
and it feels great.

i feel selfish for being so consumed. im sorry.
but i am forever grateful for the opportunity i had to learn. im grateful to more deeply understand the atonement of Jesus Christ. my relationship with God has just grown more precious.

my heart just aches for people dealing with pain and guilt and sadness. i know what its like. i know about the crying on the bathroom floor. and i wish i could take it all away for each person i am thinking of. i cry for them. i wish i could pick them up and show their hearts that it will be ok. it really will. Jesus Christ has hurt for you and me, so that we don't fully have to. he literally will pick you up, strengthen your heart, and fill your very being with joy. i know He has the power to do this for each of us, especially in our own lowest of days.

i wish i could take the hurt away. i wish i could help people understand the power in having a relationship with the Savior.

i read this morning about a very amazing man. he is mormon, and he has same gender attraction. he is incredibly talented and blessed and it humbles me to read his words.

i want to help people find happiness. maybe i should have been a psych major?? teach grief groups or something?

life is so good.
life is so hard but it is so worth it.