Thursday, September 1, 2011

all the other kids

one time.
two of my best friends decided they wanted to be best friends.
then they made this sweet babe.
meet miss claire harper.

i've begun to really reap some of the rewards of applying the things i learn.
my goal recently (to get out of some negative feelings the past 6 months) was to be satisfied.
i yearned to be happy with where i am at, the stage of life i am in, and my roles right now.
i wanted to be content. instead of looking at others' lives. instead of looking beyond my own headlights.

how did i do this? i don't really know.
a change of paradigm (perspective) i suppose. a deep desire. prayer. good friends/mom to talk me through. a change of attitude.

and it has been soo good.
things are so much lighter
and more enjoyable.

i'm so immensely blessed to have all the genuine people in my life. for my body. for my passion. for my career. for my home. for my family. for the gospel.

p.s. i dig this song..


mom said...

Is Dan getting fat? What is that gut hanging out in the picture?

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

lol when i was editing i noticed that too…he's not fat at all! even though he eats ice cream for every other meal…he looks concerned =]