Thursday, September 22, 2011

my abode.

i really feel like it is important for me to have a very personal space. a retreat. a safe haven.
my space is typically cluttered with visual overload.
and i love that.
i have had a hard time controlling myself in my new space. i don't want it to be as congested as previous rooms. and i believe i have succeeded! i feel so light and happy in my new home.

i feel it it most important to live in place that invites the Spirit. a positive place. This is undoubtedly an influential tool that we can use to share the gospel. this is why i was initially interested in learning about the gospel. i could see and feel the blessings of living it.
i went into my friend's home and i knew i wanted that love and peace and warmth. i knew i wanted the home where people spoke nicely, and the Spirit inspired.
So i have committed to creating such a place for myself.
i love it.
and here are the details:

Sara with A Vintage Poster created these personalized posters that I wanted printed. I choose 3 of my favorite current quotes and she made them into pretty pieces of art! the colors are adorable and i found unique white frames at ikea. she also designed a yellow one that reads "you are my sunshine" for baby wyatt's room. it's adorable. thanks sara!

this is my shower curtain. probably the most complimented item in my house. i'm happy when i shower.
fall colored leaves.
just the world.
my one of a kind hand-crafted birdhouse.
& tiana gave me this vinyl decal for my birthday..or xmas? either way i love them. it makes me beam.
the super adorable creators: will work for cupcakes

i enjoy colored glass.

i <3 mason jars.
apple crates from my antique store..
my door handles actually came like this…im in love.

have a happy thursday. i'm going to run in the mountains.


Tiana said...

can I please come live under your bed? like...pretty please with 87,000 cherries on top??

you should see my "new place". We've had it for almost 3 weeks and I JUST moved stuff over today. I don't even have a bed. As you can tell, I'm thrilled.

lol ;)

That quote about Him leaving his I needed to hear something like that...pretty amazing...

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

oh tiana you may live in my lil room, ill put a soft pillow and a vintage lantern under the bed for you =]

i'm sorry your place is just coming together! it is an exciting time though! this change will bring great things t! there are things for you to learn there and i am happy you have the courage to follow your passionate journey!! YOU motivate me!

i love that quote as well. i heard it from a boy in church many months ago. i cried. and i have never forgotten it. very powerful.

i think you are wonderful. love you.