Saturday, September 24, 2011

hello weekend

my closest of girl friends and i lounged in vegas labor day weekend.
i was the last one left on the dance floor.
i ate salmon.
i marveled at the gorgeous design of the cosmopolitan hotel.
and we all got us some vitamin d.
well played girls!

the most productive saturday i have had in a very long time.
i cleaned the house so well that i even cleaned the garbage can…
my grammie irons her bed sheets..see where i get it from?

while deep in thought in the shower the other day,
i decided that i want my baby boys to open the doors for me and my daughters
i want them to be taught to open the doors for their dates
and help them carry things
and that it may come so naturally that they don't even think about it

this is something i love about the LDS culture. etiquette dinners are held to help teach the young men and women proper manners. it's adorable. and really most mormon boys are taught to open the doors for their ladies. IT'S SO NICE!!

i realize that my boys are going to learn this from their father. how to treat a woman. this means my husband needs to speak nicely to me, open the doors, and never shout. he will be their greatest example. and equally, i have the special role of teaching my baby girls on how to be a lady (i may need to work on this…).

i'm not one to demand or wait for a boy to open my door, but it really shows respect and selflessness to consider someone else. it's the sweetest.
so THANK YOU to all the boys that have ever held my door--

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