Thursday, September 29, 2011

stressed eyeballs

sometimes. things are just hard.
that doesn't mean they are bad, they are just hard.

i have never been more thankful for a mother that taught me to be strong and confident, so that when i was blessed with the knowledge of the gospel, i would be able to stand up to all the negativity that comes at me.

i am grateful above all else for the blessings of having my family. i know i was placed in this one for a specific reason, and i am who i am because of them. i am blessed with seriously good friends. mostly steady ones that are genuine and share their love with me.

i know life isn't going to desiree's plan right now. i actually don't really know what is going on beyond this week— but i trust that if i do my best each day, i'll always be heading in a direction that will lead me where God would have me go. and for now, that is enough.

i'm smiling. and i should more. goodnight.

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