Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i can feel fall

i enjoy taking photographs.

school started again this week. my last semester of school (i hope). i've been slighly stressed out handling graduation requirements and such—but i took the time to escape yesterday afternoon. we went up payson canyon. and repeated "this is soo beautiful" about 43 times. then picked wild flowers.

there is something about visual things that snag me.

i've had the best days ever.
so many times i stopped and tears are brought to my eyes.
i'm so happy and content. i have so much to be grateful for.
God has truly given me soo much. i am undeserving.

sitting in school, i realize how much i absolutely 100% LOVE my field of knowledge (exercise science—kinese). i have so many passions that bring me joy and fulfillment. i am so happy to be where i am at this time.

i was made to do this.
i was made to create and to love. i was made to help people learn about their body's, their health, and how to live a better life.
i was made to bring that camera to my eye.
i was made to fall in love in the mountains and feel light when i dance.
i was made to learn & grow, and to fall down.
i was made to make a small difference.

i can't even begin to describe the kind of passion i feel for my education and knowledge. I love my professors and the way they empower me. I love the body, nutrition, the physiology of it, and applying it to each individual body. i love when you get to answer someone's question about their body, really help them solve a problem, and make their life more enjoyable. that's what it's about—making a difference.

oh. life is so good. we saw a rainbow again yesterday. i kept thinking—God is so in tune with what i need. He loves me so much.

p.s. did you see the new wedding/inspiration links i added to the right?? try not to spend 10 hours there like i do…

love you so much.

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