Thursday, August 25, 2011

long hot summer

you see, i have this problem.
i decided it while i was running yesterday.
i love way to much. and not just people but things too. ideas too.
i ran around dusk and i somehow made it up a hill—
i was along the majestic mountains and the sun was setting.
it was a GORGEOUS scene. i hate to stop while i'm running, so i side-stepped and smiled at the valley.

i told God my thank you's.
as i kept running i made a list in my head of all the things i really love.
like the sunset, the way it warms the light on the mountain range here..
like the smell of my baby nephew..
like the people i have the blessing of photographing..
like homemade spaghetti sauce..
like curling up in clean sheets..

there are some people that i love really deeply. and quickly.
this is why i hate to meet boyfriends' families. i always love them too much.

if i could find a job selling any of the things that i am incessantly and naturally passionate about i could make millions. i might be onto something..

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Mimi said...

cuuuuute pic! :)