Monday, August 29, 2011

crinkled water bottles.

my sweet

in the middle of the night
i wake up DYING of thirst
like. really.
i think im going to die.
in the middle of a desert feeling.

and i scramble to find the nearest water bottle (i use to find old left over ones in my soccer bag..gross.)
and i chug it wildly.
then i get pissed that its empty and i throw it across the room.
like i get really mad..

now that i'm awake, i find it humorous.

do you know what i'm talking about?


mom said...

No, but I cleaned out an old soccer bag from one of you kids not that long ago and found old water bottles and rolled up stiff USED soccer socks. Fortunately, they'd been in there so long there was no smell left to them.

Tiana said...

yes everything is SO serious when you're in a half-asleep stupor. I have this issue with peeing.

P.S. what do you mean gross? I enjoyed my Gatorades best after they were done fermenting a couple days in my softball bag...

I thought everyone did...

desiredshots PHOTOGRAPHY said...

bahahhaa oh how i truly miss those days..and the smells..=] life was good!