Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tahoe: the family vacation

some of the family

the trip went something like this:

1 wake up early one sunday morning to leave but instead watch dad pack everything and hitch the bikes up for an hour.

2 get to tahoe but can't get into the cabin for 2 hours

3 go for a 4 mi run along the water with my sisters

4 wake up and do some of this..

5 and some of this..and take a nap..

6 the next day we went to donner lake and the boys did this…

on the hike we saw one of these..
7 slept on hard, shakey beds. read my book. had no cell phone service. and did more of this.

8 then i found my new found love for this..

9 we played badminton and the boys played this...
10 followed by the annual family shot on the lake..

11 one day i went with them..

to do this..
[i laid on the beach and turned black..and watched a handsome kayak instructor for an hour]

12 the evening was like this.. and the stars that night were countless and stunning..

13 she entertained the camera on the dock...

14 we ate homemade pancakes, giant chunks of homemade fudge, delicious sausage, and one night i ate 6 brownies

15 it all ended with a little bit of this..

thank you tahoe for another beautiful year. next year wyatt and my sister will get to be there!

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mom said...

I love that the last line is how happy you are that Kristy and Wyatt will be there next year. AND NO MENTION OF JOHN!!!!! hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha