Tuesday, August 16, 2011

According to me..

the well seasoned pro..


1. go running why? because it releases positive endorphins. you feel thin, you feel powerful, you're going to look better, you will immediately feel lighter and happier and proactive (do you feel ugly after break ups like i do??)

2. read stephen covey's 7 habits of highly effective people (or the 8th habit, like i am..) why?? because his books will give you guidance, help you improve your life, and find motivation.

3. save money why?? because it will relieve stress..and now you have more time and less eating out right?

4. move (or change your furniture around. change your environment. start over anew) why?? because a new place gives you a new project. it won't have memories tied to it, and you can feel a fresh start

5. pray why?? because there is nothing more comforting than feeling the savior's love enfold you

6. cut your hair (or is this just me? dying it also does wonders..=] ) why?? because you want to feel beautiful

7. start dancing why?? because it's a great social environment, healthy habit, and sooo. much. fun.

8. eat fruit why?? i'm not sure, but it works. it's refreshing and you feel like you're making a good decision!

9. write therapy. get it all out. pretend to write a letter to them if you want. let your feelings go. take the time to be alone with your thoughts. Write out new goals/dreams, and how to achieve them. create a new plan. reinvent yourself. why?? because you will feel in control, relief, and may resolve questions you have on your own

10. bring focus to your passions take time to contemplate what your passions are. then do them. why?? because this will bring you immediate joy. it will bring meaning to your life and bring out the best in you. it may inspire ideas and relax you.

11. serve help someone else. be compassionate. why?? because taking the focus off of you and onto someone t

hat needs your help will bring you joy

wyatt and i, 3 weeks old

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