Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i can remember a distinct day when i sat in the back of my dads truck and i realized i could touch the floor with my feet

i felt like a big kid
i dont remember if i said anything, but my thoughts were very excited.

i also can remember the day that i looked down as i sat on the toilet and realized that i could not see any white of the seat
mere flesh oozing everywhere..
like my thighs were eating the bowl
it was a terribly sad day.

and this is what i thought about when i sat on the toilet today.
the truth is gross.

i have SO SO SO many things to do today. school is piling on my shoulders this week, but i have the desire to create things today, and i have so many ideas and things i want to do. but I HAVE TO do my work things first, but my brain won't fully let it go until i get my ideas out.

so the plan is to:
1. write my creative ideas so i don't forget
2. go for a run
3. get photos developed
4. study for chem (go to chem)
5. re-write research paper
6. move photos to ext hard drive
7. work on psych presentation
8. read scriptures

tomorrow i am getting a free massage.

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