Friday, October 29, 2010

train your heart

lemme take you to the classroom.
mom and i ran a marathon once. and among runners, there is this thing called "hitting the wall".
for a long time i didn't quite know what this was. people would ask me if i "hit the wall" with excitement and i simply said, the whole thing sucked equally.
it really was an amazing feat, but it is mentally difficult.

hitting the wall is when your body runs out of carbohydrates.
your body is drained.
you dread this moment, because this is when you have to mentally override your bodies desire to quit.
the brain then triggers for a new fuel source=fat.
unfortunately, there is a gap from when your body is running out of carbs and goes to grab fat.
this gap, is "hitting the wall"
when that fat starts to be broken down, that is when you feel "a second wind" or energy again.
this is why it is important for long distance/marathon runners to eat some fat prior to their race date.
cool, huh?

ALSO equally cool--
did you know that your memories are consolidated as you sleep (REM sleep)?
You learn as you sleep.
Your body also only heals as you sleep.

instead of writing papers i did this...
lemme go to art school i say!

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