Sunday, October 3, 2010

pretty gifts

salt lake city, last week.

i love the place i live. i have so many photos to share. so little time to blog.
i had a wonderful weekend full of coloring babies, longboards, not a lot of sleep, off roadin in the mountains, baking, and picnics in the middle of the quietest valley.
it was all perfect.

and now i sleep
and get back to work tomorrow

"Be still, and know that I am God"
things that I thankful to God for:
-being a woman
-being an american
-my parents
-healthy legs to run
-tan skin
-my grandma
-my memories
-fluttery love that makes me complete
-my sweet friends that are real, and there for me
-my ability to create
-ribbon dancers
-my camera
-my jb
-the clever things children say
-and a warm bed

goodnight dear sweets

"your spirit is the master of your body, not to be confused with the worldly vice versa."

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mom said...

Yeah, the picture of the guy with his white belly ... not so pretty.