Thursday, October 28, 2010

when everyone is asleep

he says to me, "a REAL photographer would get their camera and go back to the a picture of the factory...=]"

it was 3am
a storm was tearing through utah
my car was being pushed in the wind
yellow leaves coated the roads
tree's looked like they were bout to snap in half

and as i drove by the factory, i watched the smoke twist and turn, and dance in the wind
it was gorgeous
and i wished i had my camera
and i wished it wasnt freezing

so i went home. signed up for classes. and i couldn't shake the factory out of my head
and in my competitive nature, i couldn't let the man challenge me like that....

so i went back
with the rain blowing sideways
running the risk of destroying my camera..

but it was worth it
i slept well thereafter

i've been having wild dreams about my family every night.
maybe it's cuz i miss them

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