Thursday, October 14, 2010

trees growing out of rock

so in that dream, 20 minutes before it was to begin—i can't find my veil. someone got me the wrong one. gosh i didn't want the long, plain ugly one. please...i searched and searched. and i found this white headband that was weird and cloud/rounded shaped. and it was too thick. and my hair was wildly curly. and i was so upset. and i thought, of all could this happen. my veil. the cherry on top. who forgot to buy the thing? where could it be? i'm walking around the place, not really knowing many people. and my photographer sucks. i'm calling every photographer i know to come out there that instant. i figure my day is so ugly and will be captured ugly. i'm in tears. and just when i thought the day was ruined, he pulled me aside. and calmed my troubled heart. and he made me laugh. and time stood still. and nothing else mattered.

i have recently studied/learned about the bitter and the sweet
the opposition in all things
the satan so we know christ
the pain so we may have joy

right now, i have all the sweetest things
and it brings me to my knees

"Man's earthly existence is but a test as to whether he will concentrate his efforts, his mind, his soul, upon things which contribute to the comfort and gratification of his physical nature, or whether he will make as life's pursuit the acquisition of spiritual qualities."
—David O. McKay

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